Information and Selection Tools for Coatings Professionals Serving Many Industries

SOUDERTON, Pa. – Coatings for Industry, Inc (CFI) has launched a completely new website,, delivering in-depth resources to its customers and professionals across the many industries the company serves.

CFI’s new website contains nearly 300 pages of coating system recommendations, detailed information and applicator resources in a modern, responsive design optimized for all devices and browsers. It’s a powerful resource for contractors, engineers, specifiers and asset owners.

“In each of our major market areas, selecting coatings can be a challenge and everyone approaches it differently,” said Lou Frank, Director of Business Development. “With this all-new website, we’ve made choosing and specifying the right coating system as easy as possible.”

The website features powerful Coating Selection tools for each of the market areas CFI serves: steel and concrete structures and flooring, turbine engine and other aerospace applications, and array of specialty coatings, lubricants and adhesives. Users can search by need, industry or application to find just the right product or system to meet their performance requirements.

The new website – – is live now. To best serve its market areas, users can look forward to continuous updates that deliver new content like blogs and a video series aimed at helping assure the best in coatings specification and application.

For information or comments about the new website, click the contact link available on every page in the website, or reach CFI’s support team at +1-215-723-0919.

About Coatings for Industry, Inc.
Coatings for Industry, Inc. (
CFI) has been formulating coatings for industrial, commercial, and aerospace applications for nearly 50 years. Reflecting a commitment to quality and innovation, the company maintains an R&D staff of chemists and metallurgists, and produces products under an ISO-9001 certified QMS. CFI’s family of coatings is trademarked under the names ALSEAL, Siloxseal, and WearCOAT. For more information about CFI, visit

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Consistent with the State and Federal orders related to companies that provide products related to homeland security and the military, companies like CFI are deemed as “Essential Critical Infrastructure” and are permitted to continue operations.

While we cannot guarantee that new regulations won’t change our ability to remain operational, we will make every effort to meet customer needs.

As we navigate this threat to us all, CFI will promote conscientious behavior to meet both legal requirements and best-practice medical recommendations as they develop. Thank you for your loyalty during this extraordinary time.

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