Flake Broadcast Floor Coatings

Get Looks and Performance with Flake Floor Coating Systems

When you need a concrete floor coating that offers looks and performance, broadcast flake floor coatings from Coatings for Industry are the ideal option.

CFI offers floor coating systems with broadcast flakes for nearly any type of facility. Flake floor systems offer unique, one-of-a-kind looks for high-visibility areas like retail, airport terminals, and veterinary clinics. At the same time, they protect the concrete below, ensuring the floor maintains its looks and performance over the long term.

No matter what type of facility the floor is in, CFI has a decorative, high performance flake floor coating system to fit your needs.

Endless Design Possibilities

With so many color and flake combinations, the possibilities with CFI flake floor coating systems are virtually unlimited.

Low VOC Safety

With low-VOC formulas, epoxy floor coatings from CFI are safe for application crews and building occupants, even pets and children.

For Demanding Floors

Flake floor coating systems from CFI offer more than great design options. Even for facilities with tough environments and heavy use, they offer superior protection.

Quick Return to Service

For upgrades, renovations and repairs, CFI flake systems are offered in quick RTS formulations, so the floor can be back in use as soon as possible.