Urethane Floor Coatings

Protect Floors in Tough Environments with Urethane Floor Coatings

Urethane floor coatings protect floors that face tough environments like heavy wheeled traffic, abrasion, chemicals, UV, even road salt. Coatings for Industry offers a variety of urethane floor coating systems to meet the needs of virtually any facility.

Urethane concrete flooring systems from CFI stand up to even the toughest punishment, with long-lasting performance and looks. Ideal for commercial and industrial facilities, they resist marks, stains and abrasions from tires, foot traffic, and dropped tools. They are also highly resistant to spills of oils, chemicals and solvents.

Key to urethane floor coatings is that they keep their color, gloss, and performance over years of service.

Durable to UV and Wear

CFI urethane coatings are formulated to maintain looks and resist wear, even in areas of constant traffic and relentless UV exposure.

No More Hot Tire Marks

CFI Urethane floor coatings are ideal for warehouses, automotive centers, airplane hangars and other facilities with heavy wheeled traffic.

Chemical Resistance

For floors subject to spills of oils and solvents, even cleaning fluids or strong chemicals like hydraulic fluid, CFI urethane floor coatings are formulated to protect your floor.

Low-Odor & Low-VOC Options

CFI offers urethane floor coatings in low-odor and low-VOC formulations to protect workers and building occupants – even children and pets – during application.