Floors in hospital emergency rooms and operating rooms have to stand up to a lot of wear and tear in order to provide a comfortable, safe experience for patients and healthcare workers.

These floors must be cleaned with strong chemicals to ensure they are sterile and sanitary. In the case of healthcare facilities that are being renovated, floors must be able to return to service quickly, and use minimal (if any) volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

CFI, however, offers seven floor coating systems that are ideal for hospital floors that we’ll explore in more detail below.

Quick Return-to-Service Floor Coating Systems

When hospitals and other healthcare facilities are having their floors re-coated, they need to be able to be back in service quickly so the facility can begin serving patients. For this purpose, we recommend the FB-2 and MTF-4 or MTF-5 systems.

All three systems rely on a quick-cure polyaspartic mid-coat to provide quick return-to-service. However, the MTF-4 system combines this mid-coat with a satin finish, water-based urethane top-coat. The FB-2 system provides a traditional flake floor appearance while the MTF systems offer a sleek European look with their fine speckled appearance.

Maximum Abrasion-Resistance and Cleanability

Whether it’s from disinfectants  or from increased foot-traffic, some floors take more of a beating than others – like those in an ER and OR department. For ER and OR floors that need a bit more protection, we recommend the MTF-3 and MTF-6 systems.

THE MTF-3 system leverages a low-odor epoxy mid-coat that’s specially formulated to resist abrasion, chemical spills, and UV exposure. This layer is then paired with a highly durable, clear polyurethane top-coat that’s easily cleaned.

The MTF-6 marries the quick-return-to-service offered by a quick-cure polyaspartic mid-coat with a polyester urethane top-coat. This top-coat delivers sublime chemical resistance and provides exemplary resistance from abrasion caused by foot- and light-wheeled traffic.

Both systems utilize a MicroTech Flake broadcast medium to present a neutral, slightly speckled appearance that’s ideal for healthcare settings.

However, no floor coating solution is going to be ideal for every application. In reality, every floor has its own age, uses, history and other requirements. That’s why we’re proud to help CFI’s customers select the best floor coating system for their use case. When you need help with your floor coating project, tell us about it. Our Customer Support team will get back to you to help you specify the right system.