Coatings for Extended Design Life of Infrastructure

Steel and concrete need protection from corrosion, heat, chemicals, even vandalism. Asset preservation and longevity is vital especially given the cost of replacement of bridges, powerplants and other large facilities.

CFI’s U-Series™ and Siloxseal® primers and top coats are formulated to protect structures to assure a long design life. Tested in the lab and in the field, they have been proven to meet or exceed specifications and expectations.

Coatings For Industry respects the importance of state and federal restrictions placed upon businesses and individuals to combat the COVID-19 virus. Although we are open, we fully support these measures and are exercising extensive precautions to prevent transmission.

Consistent with the State and Federal orders related to companies that provide products related to homeland security and the military, companies like CFI are deemed as “Essential Critical Infrastructure” and are permitted to continue operations.

While we cannot guarantee that new regulations won’t change our ability to remain operational, we will make every effort to meet customer needs.

As we navigate this threat to us all, CFI will promote conscientious behavior to meet both legal requirements and best-practice medical recommendations as they develop. Thank you for your loyalty during this extraordinary time.

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