In Coatingstown, the concrete floors are always perfect, always protected from whatever the world throws at them. Why? Because they always have the right coating for the job.

It isn’t a real place, of course, but instead is a powerful new interactive coatings selection tool. For facility owners, specifiers and contractors it’s the easy way to identify the right resinous flooring system for virtually any job.

The Coatingstown selection tool can also be found in CFI’s new 2021 Floor Coatings Brochure, free for the asking. This updated 16-page catalog touts all WearCOAT® Products and Systems, and a comprehensive table where users can also find coating systems for almost any job.

“Coating specification isn’t always easy, and there are many variables that can affect the success of a floor coating job,” said Lou Frank, director of business development for CFI. “The new Coatingstown interactive graphic both online and in the accompanying brochure are powerful tools to help designers and contractors get their jobs going.”

To visit Coatingstown, click here. Or, to get your free CFI Floor Coatings brochure, contact Customer Service or call +1-215-723-0919.