Failures are one of the biggest challenges concrete floor coating contractors face. Even when contractors are not to blame, a floor coating failure can be financially catastrophic.

To help contractors avoid big problems, Coatings for Industry, Inc. (CFI), has launched a video series aimed at providing information and solid advice based on decades of experience.

“Floor coating problems and the possibility of a failure are always out there for contractors,” according to Kevin Klotz, president of CFI. “Floor coating problems can be a huge cost to contractors, resulting in callbacks, damaged reputations, and lost revenue,” said Klotz. “I’ve even seen contractors lose their business over failures that weren’t their fault.”

Klotz noted that most failures occur before the job even starts, often from misunderstandings or miscommunication. With the new videos – each under 2 minutes – CFI hopes to help everyone in the industry avoid problems right from the start.

“Over our 50 years in the coatings business, we’ve taken a lot of technical calls and answered a lot of customer questions,” said Klotz. “Our goal is to give everyone information they need to help prevent failures from happening before the first coat is applied.”

The new videos can be found on CFI’s YouTube Channel or here on the CFI website.