SOUDERTON, Pa. – Coatings for Industry, Inc., (CFI) has introduced WearCOAT 2055, a new long-cure polyaspartic floor coating formulated to provide a smooth, glossy finish. The new product is ideal for use in high-visibility, high-traffic environments where stunning looks, abrasion resistance, and durability are critical.

The new coating is a high-build, high-solids product formulated to flow out flat and cure to touch in four to six hours – a slower cure than conventional poyaspartic coatings. This gives application crews more working time to achieve a smooth, glossy finish to help eliminate dry roller overlap marks or other imperfections.

Ideal for application in indoor environments, WearCOAT 2055’s low-odor, low-VOC formula is compliant everywhere in the world. It is also highly resistant to UV exposure, resulting in excellent color stability. WearCOAT 2055 is perfect as a final coat over pigmented, broadcast, or metallic finish floors.

Available in standard colors and clear in full gloss, WearCOAT 2055 is conveniently packaged in one- and five-gallon kits. Its cure time allows for recoating in six to 24 hours, foot traffic in 12 hours, and full-service use in 24 hours.

For more information on WearCOAT 2055, or any of CFI’s coatings, visit, or call +1 (215) 723-0919 to ask a question or request an estimate.