SOUDERTON, Pa. – Coatings for Industry, Inc. (CFI) just released its new WearCOAT® 720 and 735 urethane concrete products designed for floor coating professionals. The new formulations offer more durable, moisture tolerant performance in an environmentally sustainable formulation. The products, WearCOAT® 720 Slurry and WearCOAT® 735 Trowelable, are used to repair or level cracked, damaged floors.

These much-upgraded new products replace CFI’s WearCOAT® 705 and 710 products. They are formulated to be easier to apply, are moisture tolerant even when applied in damp environments, and yield improved adhesion and durability.

Offered in natural, tile red, and silver-gray colors, other colors are optionally available. One kit consists of one gallon each of A & B urethane components, one can of colorant, and 2 bags of specially blended aggregate.  

These new products reflect CFI’s commitment to creating environmentally sustainable products. Replacing some of the traditional petrochemical products, the formulation includes renewable, plant-based components.

WearCOAT® 720 can be applied with a squeegee or trowel, resulting floors that are highly resistant to wear and impact, and are well-suited to light and medium traffic. WearCOAT® 735 is trowel-applied and creates floors that are extremely impact- and abrasion-resistant, standing up to heavy traffic and forklift operation. Both formulas are highly thermal-shock and chemical resistant when used in areas that require extreme cleaning.

Once applied, the resulting floors are smooth and seamless, leaving no crevices that can harbor dirt and bacteria. These products are ideal for a variety of facilities, including food & beverage processing, wet preparation & packaging areas, commercial kitchens, solvent/chemical storage, battery charging areas, loading docks, manufacturing facilities and more.

For more information, get the Technical Data Sheets for WearCOAT® 720 and WearCOAT® 735, and see the entire lineup of CFI Flooring Systems at, or call +1 (215) 723-0919.