Protect Concrete with Resinous Floor Coating Systems

Epoxy and urethane floor coatings from Coatings for Industry provide long-lasting performance, great looks and the durability you expect. Offered in a variety of colors and textures, and as well as available low-VOC and anti-slip formulas, there’s a CFI floor coating for virtually any facility.

Bonds with Concrete

CFI epoxy floor coatings and urethane topcoats bond with your concrete floor, creating an attractive finish that lasts.

Quick Application That Lasts

CFI resinous floor coating systems cure beautifully and evenly, resulting in a long-lasting, easy-to-clean floor.

Low VOC Safety

With available low-VOC formulas, resinous floor coatings from CFI are safe for application crews and building occupants, and once cured are safe for everyone, even pets and children.

Anti-Slip Formulas

CFI has several floor coatings that provide slip resistance – from casual on pool decks to aggressive formulas for warehouse ramps, even on ships.

What Floor Coating Do You Need?

What’s the right resinous coating system for your concrete floor? It depends on the facility. Warehouses, automotive service centers and industrial floors need protection from chemicals, tools, and heavy vehicles with hot tires. Retail and office floors, especially restaurants, need to look good and hold up to constant foot traffic. Tell us about to your job and let a CFI technical professional help you.

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