MTF-8 System

The Retail Store Flooring System
You’ve Been Waiting For

Finally there’s a floor coating system designed specifically for large retail chains, grocery stores, restaurants, and other high-foot traffic, high-visibility floors. CFI’s new MTF-8 Floor Coating System has it all.

  • Unlimited Design Options
  • Incredible Durability
  • Fast Return-to-Service

The MTF-8 Floor Coating System was designed specifically for a Fortune 500 Retailer. Now it’s available to you!

Limitless Color Options

The MTF-8 System uses micro-tech flake to define 100% of the floor’s color. Select from thousands of background colors and accent flakes to create just the right floor design to meet your corporate need. The only limit is the designer’s imagination.

Fast Return-to-Service

The MTF-8 floor coating system was created to cure fast. Once the concrete floor is prepped, the entire system can be applied and ready for use typically in just two days or two nights in a controlled indoor environment. For retailers, restaurants, and other commercial spaces, that means you’re back in business fast.

Incredible Durability

In retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial spaces, longevity and durability is everything. The MTF-8 floor coating system was formulated to stand up to demanding environments. Constant foot traffic, shopping carts and hand trucks. And it resists spills of almost everything – mustard, nail polish remover, red wine and especially cleaning chemicals. All while resisting scratches, stains and wear.

System Components

The MTF-8 system consists of three components:

  • Primer – Select the right CFI primer according to the condition of the concrete.
  • WearCOAT-481HP – A light-stabilized, 100 percent solids epoxy clear mid-coat with a broadcast micro-tech flake per the designers’
  • WearCOAT-2332 – A high-gloss, extremely low-VOC (<5 g/l) urethane topcoat that locks in the broadcast flakes while providing a durable, UV-stable finish.

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