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Alseal 143P High Temp Phenolic

Water-based one-component phenolic coating. Excellent adhesion and flow combined with a low perm film provide high insulative strength. Also exhibits high chemical resistance and operating

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Alseal 320 Urethane w/PTFE

A water-based polyurethane dispersion containing PTFE. Offers a high level of slip-and-release coupled with a room-temperature cure. Maximum service temperatures of 250°F (121°C).

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Alseal 370 Silicate DFL

A high-temperature coating composition containing a graphite/molybdenum disulfide blend in an inorganic binder. Air-dry coating protects mating parts from seizing and galling at temperatures up

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Alseal DB-3 Silicone/Ceramic

Two-component water-based silicone-ceramic topcoat for use over Alseal basecoats. Chemically passivates and physically seals sacrificial corrosion resistant aluminum-ceramic basecoats, at temperatures up to 700oF (371oC). 

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Siloxseal 385 Mid Temp Silicone

Silicone modified epoxy coating with enhanced thermal resistance capabilities. Excellent for protecting outdoor structural steel, pipes, and equipment from corrosion. Withstands operating temperatures of up

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U-104 Aluminum-Filled MCU

A single-component, aluminum-filled, moisture-cured urethane, U-104 excels at protecting steel and other substrates from corrosion, even over pre-rusted surfaces. Because it bonds and encapsulates the

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U-109 Zinc Rich MCU

U-109 is a two-component, zinc-rich urethane primer for use on metal substrates in severe corrosive or salt environments or anywhere the substrate requires cathodic-type protection

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U-166 Acrylic Urethane

U-166 is an acrylic urethane finish coat designed for exterior application on a variety of substrates, including steel, aluminum and concrete. Non-yellowing and non-chalking, it

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U-3060 ESD Flexible Urethane ESD

Water-based one-component aliphatic urethane coating that exhibits extreme elongation and flexibility for protecting fabric and textiles. Provides good erosion resistance. Provides electrostatic dissipation by using next

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U-313 Flexible Polyester Urethane

Two component, aliphatic urethane, flexible, polyester type, finish coating for exterior applications. Extreme flexibility and toughness Excellent erosion resistance UV stable for extended weathering Adheres

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U-497 Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer

U-497 is a three-component, zinc-rich polyamide epoxy primer for use on metal substrates in severe corrosive or salt environments or anywhere the substrate requires cathodic-type

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WearCOAT 1020 WB Epoxy Primer

Two component, water-based penetrating epoxy sealer/primer for protecting concrete surfaces. Quick cure provides a short time to overcoat Low viscosity allows penetration into the pores

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WearCOAT 460 100% Solids Epoxy

Two component, 100% solids high-build floor coating. Formulated for general industrial flooring as an excellent extra-high-build mid-coat Unique blend of additives provides a self-leveling coating

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WearCOAT SG-3 Epoxy Anti-Slip

Two component, catalyzed, nonskid epoxy coating for use with heavy vehicular traffic. Provides safer footing and better traction for personnel and equipment Excellent chemical resistance

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WearCOAT SG-4 Epoxy Anti-Slip

Two component, rapid curing, self-sealing, heavy duty, nonskid epoxy coating. Designed to provide the highest possible level of anti-slip properties Superior toughness and corrosion resistance

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