Anti-slip Finish

WearCOAT 2345 High-Wear Low VOC Urethane

Two component, high solids, low VOC, UV stable, high-wear urethane coating with a satin finish and light anti-slip texture. UV stable Excellent abrasion resistance Very low odor Good chemical resistance Light anti-slip texture

WearCOAT SG-1 Epoxy Ester Anti-Slip

Single component, epoxy ester, anti-slip floor and deck coating for heavy pedestrian use. Designed for application in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic Offers excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces

WearCOAT SG-3 Epoxy Anti-Slip

Two component, catalyzed, nonskid epoxy coating for use with heavy vehicular traffic. Provides safer footing and better traction for personnel and equipment Excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalies, solvents, and fuels

WearCOAT SG-4 Epoxy Anti-Slip

Two component, rapid curing, self-sealing, heavy duty, nonskid epoxy coating. Designed to provide the highest possible level of anti-slip properties Superior toughness and corrosion resistance Excellent chemical resistance

WearCOAT SG-LP WB Epoxy Anti-Slip

Two component, low VOC, waterborne epoxy with moderate grit. Designed for use in wet areas with heavy pedestrian grade traffic Ideal for use around pools, in locker rooms, showers, boats, docks, walkways, and decks