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WearCOAT 1020 WB Epoxy Primer

Two component, water-based penetrating epoxy sealer/primer for protecting concrete surfaces. Quick cure provides a short time to overcoat Low viscosity allows penetration into the pores of concrete for increased adhesion Can be used as a primer, or as a final coat sealer

WearCOAT 2020 Quick Cure Polyaspartic

Two component, fast-setting, zero VOC, high solids, UV stable polyaspartic coating. Fast cure for quick return to service UV stable Good abrasion resistance Very low odor High gloss finish

WearCOAT 3015 WB Polyester Urethane

Single component, water-based, low odor, aliphatic urethane top coat. Durable, color-stable surface for foot and light-wheel traffic applications Very low odor Fast-dry with satin finish

WearCOAT 440FS 100% Solids Epoxy

Two component, 100% solids fast curing epoxy floor coating. Formulated for general industrial flooring as an excellent high-build mid-coat Can be pigmented or used clear Ideal for use as a broadcast binder for flake, sand, or quartz media Very high resistance to amine blush making it ideal for application in most environments Fast Set allows …

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