Alseal 585 Dip Applied Aluminum/Ceramic

A high-temperature dip-applied coating composition with aluminum powder in an inorganic binder. Provides sacrificial corrosion protection to temperatures up to 1100°F (593°C) and heat oxidation protection to temperatures as high as 1600°F (871°C). Can be cured as low as 350°F (177°C). Not suitable for use on mild steel substrates.  Alseal 585 exhibits an increased viscosity

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U-109 Zinc Rich MCU

U-109 is a two-component, zinc-rich urethane primer for use on metal substrates in severe corrosive or salt environments or anywhere the substrate requires cathodic-type protection from its primer. Designed for easy application by brush, roller or spray, it provides long-term corrosion protection. When paired with U-166, U-499 or U-111 as a topcoat, it provides added

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