Restroom floors play a large but understated role in enhancing your customers’ enjoyment of your facility.

Restroom floors must not only be slip-resistant and have no detectable odor, but they must also withstand constant exposure to chemicals and be easy to clean if they want to have a long service life and provide a pleasant experience for customers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many floor coating systems on the market that can meet these demands. However, CFI has two restroom floor coating systems that we’ll explore in more detail below.

Anti-Slip and Easily Cleanable Floor Coating System

Choosing floor coating systems that are non-slip and easily cleanable is imperative to maintaining the safety and visual appeal of your restrooms. For buildings with these requirements for the restroom floors, we recommend the DQB-1 system.

The DQB-1 system protects your restroom floors from constant traffic and cleaning thanks to its two epoxy midcoats which also boast extremely low odor levels. Due to the excellent flow and surface wetting of this system’s 100% solids epoxy finish coat, applicators should expect a pleasing finish and virtually no odor.

Highly Durable Satin Finish Restroom Floor Coating System

Not only do restroom floors need to withstand constant foot traffic, but they also need to be able to resist constant exposure to cleaning chemicals and bio splashes. For building owners whose restrooms take a bit more of a beating, we recommend the DQB-4 system.

The DQB-4 leverages a highly durable epoxy midcoat that offers maximum resistance to impact and wear. The DQB-4 pairs its midcoats with an abrasion and highly chemical resistant polyurethane topcoat, making it ideal for applications in restrooms that experience consistently high levels of traffic and cleaning.

The DQB-4’s urethane finish coat is available in a satin finish, providing a luxurious look that hides scuffs and scratches as well as a high-gloss for the ultimate in shine.

However, a one-size-fits-all floor coating system doesn’t exist anywhere. In reality, every floor must have its age, history, use-case, and aesthetic or performance requirements taken into account when choosing a floor coating system.

It’s for this reason that we at CFI take pride in assisting customers with selecting the ideal floor coating system for their application. If you need help with your next project, tell us about it. Our Customer Support team will get back to you to help you specify the right system.