Being deliberate in choosing a coating system for office floors is essential to maximizing employee satisfaction and productivity in an office setting.

For many offices, especially those in industrial facilities, being able to withstand substantial wear and tear is a must. Meanwhile, corporate office floors also take their fair share of punishment, and must also reflect the design and brand of the company.

Whether it’s a re-coating job or new construction, it’s important to choose the right coating system for the facility, and how it will be used. CFI has eight systems ideal for office applications that you can explore in more detail below.

Quick Return-to-Service, Low-Odor Floor Coatings for Offices

In re-coating jobs, office floors usually need to return to service quickly so the facility can re-open and people can occupy it safely. For office floors that need to quickly return to service, we recommend the FB-2, MTF-5, and MP-2 systems.

These systems combine a quick-cure polyaspartic mid-coat with a slower curing top-coat for quick return-to-service and easy application from longer working time of the top-coat. This top-coat boasts very low odor, making it ideal for corporate offices.

Each of these systems are designed with a high-gloss finish that stands up to continual foot traffic. The MP-2 system offers added visual flexibility thanks to its metallic pigment. The FB-2 and MTF-5 systems both utilize a flake broadcast medium to offer subtle visual flair; however, the MTF-5’s Micro-Tech Flake system offers an added degree of seamless design.

Highly-Durable Floor Coatings for Offices

Some offices require floor coating systems that can hold up to continual wear and tear. For office floors that have to take a beating, we recommend the FB-3, FB-4 and MP-4 systems.

The FB-3 system delivers maximum abrasion resistance thanks to its pure epoxy mid-coat while the FB-4 and MP-4 systems offer polyaspartic mid-coats which offer similar protection. All three systems combine their mid-coats with a polyurethane top-coat that enhances their ability to heavily resist abrasions.

These systems’ primary difference lies in their designs. Whereas the FB-3 and FB-4 systems rely ona flake broadcast medium, the MP-4 system leverages a metallic-pigmented mid-coat for a sleek, artistic appearance.

UV- and Chemical-Resistant Floor Coatings

Some office floors need to be able to withstand more than just foot traffic if they’re going to retain their performance quality and attractive design. For floors that are often exposed to chemicals or sunlight, we recommend the MP-3 and MTF-6 systems.

The MTF-6 system achieves remarkable UV-resistance and quick return-to-service thanks to its quick-cure polyaspartic mid-coat. The MP-3 system’s pure epoxy mid-coat makes it easy to apply with exceptional flow and working time.

Both systems utilize a polyester urethane top-coat that ensures superior color retention in high UV environments, as well abrasion resistance to foot- and wheeled traffic and resistance to a broad range of harsh chemicals.

However, it’s not as if there’s one floor coating system that works for every application. In reality, each floor is different and has specific performance requirements it must meet.

That’s why we at CFI are proud to help our customers select the right floor coating system for their application. If you need help with your next project, tell us about it. Our Customer Support team will get back to you to help you specify the right system.