Concrete floors in retail stores, including big-box and grocery stores have a unique job that makes finding the right floor coating a challenge.

In these facilities, the floors have to look good so the store presents a positive brand image to its customers. But they also need to be easy to clean, stand up to light traffic from handcarts, shopping carts, and the occasional forklift.

And in some cases, if an existing floor is being re-coated, they need to be back in service as soon as possible.

If you’re specifying a coating system for a retail facility, here are seven systems from CFI that you can consider:

Versatile, Low-Odor Coating Systems

For most floors, a versatile, general-purpose floor coating system offers the best approach. The below systems all offer a high-gloss finish that stands up to nonstop foot traffic. They are also UV-stable, and are low-odor systems, so they can be applied to existing floors while the building is occupied.

The difference between the two systems is in the design options.

  • FB-1 uses a flake broadcast medium in a wide variety of color combinations, providing virtually limitless design options.
  • MP-1 provides a metallic look that, when combined with a pigment, creates a modern or industrial look.

Quick Return-to-Service

For floors that need to be re-coated, a fast-curing system helps ensure the floor is ready for customers as soon as possible. These systems use the same broadcast media as the ones mentioned above, with the same design options and performance.

The difference is the system uses a quick-cure polyaspartic for the midcoat, and a slow-cure polyaspartic for the top-coat. Polyaspartics cure quickly, so the slow-cure top-coat makes application easier.

  • FB-2 flake broadcast
  • MP-2 metallic pigmented

In addition, the micro-tech flake broadcast medium used in the MTF-5 system offers the same performance and return-to-service, but with a sophisticated, satin finish.

Maximum Protection

Some retail floors take a little more punishment. They might have greater exposure to sunlight, need to withstand salt, dirt and mud, or see more traffic from lift trucks and other handling equipment.

For these floors, we recommend either MTF-4 or MTF-6. Both are micro-tech flake floors that create a seamless, satin finish, but use urethane mid- and top-coats to offer greater protection.

MTF-4 protects floors UV damage, helping floors maintain their looks, even in areas with extended sunlight exposure.

MTF-6 also offers enhanced UV protection, with increased resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Every Floor is Different

Of course, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all floor coating system. Every floor is different, depending on its age, history, planned use, and the looks and performance requirements of the facility.

At CFI, we are dedicated to helping our customers select the right floor coating system for their application. If you need help with your next project, tell us about it. Our Customer Support team will get back to you to help you specify the right system.