SOUDERTON, Pa. – Coatings for Industry (CFI) has updated its WearCOAT® Floor Coating Systems brochure for 2021-2022 to include at-a-glance guidance for use of coatings containing volatile organic compounds (VOC). The new brochure is found here.

“Compliance with regional regulations regarding VOCs is often a challenge for floor coating contractors,” said Lou Frank, director of business development for CFI. “Our new brochure makes it easy for contractors to specify products that are compliant in their regions.”

The brochure includes an updated product description section with color-coded markers that provide at-a-glance identification of VOC compliance.

  • Green: Universally compliant
  • Blue: OTC Phase II Compliant for Industrial Maintenance
  • Orange: OTC Phase II and CA-SCAQMD VOC Compliant for Industrial Maintenance

The VOC compliance guide is another feature of the WearCOAT brochure that helps contractors specify the right coating systems for every application and environment. It’s also complemented by CFI’s “Coatingstown” interactive selection tool.

Together, the two tools give contractors the option to use a digital or hard-copy selection guide as needed. Contractors can also contact CFI directly, which is especially helpful on challenging jobs or when specialty formulations might be required.

The new brochure can be found online here. To request printed copies of the brochure, contractors can contact our Customer Support team, or call 215-723-0919.