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Presentation Overview

This FREE CFI webinar will cover mid-coats and topcoats for resinous flooring professionals. We’ll share tips for assessing your customers’ needs and how to choose the right coating system. We’ll also discuss application techniques, especially for broadcasting flake and aggregate. Plan on joining us for this quick, free event!

What You'll Learn

  • What questions to ask to determine system selection
  • Why you should specify a complete system
  • Application environment conditions you need consider
  • How to choose and broadcast aggregate and flake
  • When you should use clear or pigmented products
  • How to know when cure times make all the difference
  • Whether or not you need mid-coat

Who Should Attend

  • Flooring Contractors
  • Floor Coating Specifiers
  • Facility Managers
  • Builders / General Contractors
  • Coatings Distributors

About The Presenters

Kevin Klotz is president of Coatings for Industry. Having worked closely with contractors, he’s been successfully helping hundreds of customers with concrete coating questions for years. Along with running the company, he also spends time in the lab, helping refine the chemistry of CFI’s high-performance coatings, assuring CFI products do the best job possible.

Sean Fullerton is a technical coatings specialist at CFI. He has seen countless concrete coating jobs and works daily with contractors and facility owners to make sure their concrete floors get the best coating result possible. Sean is working on his SSPC PCS certification to help bring the best standard practices for all of CFI’s customers.