Heat Resistant

Alseal 585 Dip Applied Aluminum/Ceramic

A high-temperature dip-applied coating composition with aluminum powder in an inorganic binder. Provides sacrificial corrosion protection to temperatures up to 1100°F (593°C) and heat oxidation protection to temperatures as high as 1600°F (871°C). Can be cured as low as 350°F (177°C). Not suitable for use on mild steel substrates.  Alseal 585 exhibits an increased viscosity

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Alseal 590 Inorganic Ceramic/PTFE

A two-component, high-temperature coating composition containing PTFE. Promotes release of hot or sticky parts and dirt for environments up to 550oF (288oC). Inorganic binder allows release of very difficult organic materials. Reduces friction while functioning as an anti-stick/anti-fouling sealer over Alseal 500, 518, and 519.

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Alseal 598 Inorganic Ceramic

A high-temperature resistant inorganic coating composition for use over Alseal 500, 518, and 519. Enhances the smoothness of the Alseal basecoats and extends the long-term corrosion protection by retarding the sacrificial consumption of these coatings. Available in multiple colors.

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