Graffiti is an ongoing challenge to municipalities globally. While difficult to stop such “tagging,” CFI offers a highly effective coating system that works on both concrete and steel structures that eliminated the need for re-paint after cleaning.

The U-111 topcoat is virtually impervious to leaving any image behind after cleaning. This glossy topcoat is available in both standard and custom colors and may be hand-cleaned or power-washed with the most stringent cleaners or solvents – even MEK – without damaging its surface.

This system was specified and well-proven for years on New York City’s subway cars. While neither they nor you may be able to stop graffiti painters, this CFI system helped keep them from expensive re-painting after removing the unwanted tag.

With its combination of resistance to virtually any cleaner or chemical used to remove spray paint along with superb color and gloss retention, CFI’s U-104 / U-111 combination provides outstanding long-term results for any building or structure. Learn more about anti-graffiti options in the PDF.

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