From terminals to hangars to large structures, airports have diverse challenges when it comes to preventing damage and corrosion to concrete and steel surfaces. It

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Bridges & Highways

Steel and concrete bridges endure nearly constant punishment. Rain and moisture, wind and sun, and in northern climates, salt. All of these forces and more

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Concrete Walls

Concrete walls face different adversaries: the natural environment and vandals, all can be detrimental to a wall’s aesthetic value, as well as impacting the longevity

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Food & Beverage

CFI U-Series™ coatings have proven ideal for in-plant buildings, walls and equipment structures that supply our global food and beverage needs. They are effective in

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High Temperature

High-temperature environments in processing equipment, factories and petrochemical plants can be especially harsh on steel surfaces, hastening the effects of corrosion. If not properly protected,

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Whether shipboard or ashore, all marine applications struggle with the corrosive effects of salt and water; the effects are never-ending. Waterfront steel structures typically have

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Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are built to be durable for both people and the equipment inside. Rust and UV damage can impact the building’s integrity, resulting in

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Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, coatings are used to resist many problems caused by heat, pressure, chemicals and weather. Where a surprise shutdown is

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Power Generation

Traditional energy production facilities are constantly struck by a barrage of the corrosive effects – from in-plant corrosive by-products from exhaust added to sun and

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Steel Decks

People who use steel decks, catwalks and walkways need to trust that they’re safe and secure. However, corrosion, friction and stresses can decrease the safety

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