Strength and Style Combined

When it comes to protecting concrete floors, WearCOAT® Broadcast Quartz is the complete package: long-lasting durability, impact resistance, anti-slip textured surface, and a variety of unique color options. The coating systems are formulated for environments where trucks, aircraft and other heavy wheeled traffic is common, and where tools and other equipment are dropped or dragged on the floor. The heavy aggregate loading of these systems allows impact loads to distribute laterally instead of directly to the concrete, reducing chips and spalls.  Certain formulations are also made to withstand oils, chemicals and cleaning agents.  Nominal thickness of 1/8″

Sand Broadcast or Quartz Broadcast?  A double sand broadcast and a quartz broadcast system will offer the same level of anti-slip, thickness, and impact protection.  The quartz systems are comprised of colored granules that provide a more decorative and customizable appearance versus the solid color of a sand broadcast system.


Quick Return-to-Service With Low Odor
Primer | WC2020 + Quartz | WC2020 + Quartz | WC2035

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Heavy Duty Protection from Chems and Tires
Primer | WC440 + Quartz | WC440 + Quartz | WC100

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Heavy Duty Protection and Cleanability
Primer | WC440 + Quartz | WC440 + Quartz | WC481HP | WC100

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Excellent Abrasion Protection in a Low-VOC System
Primer | WC440 + Quartz | WC440 + Quartz | WC2035 | WC2330

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Heavy Duty Protection in a Low-VOC Color-Stable System
Primer | WC440 + Quartz | WC440 + Quartz | WC481HP | WC2330

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