In 1974, Coatings For Industry was approached by Detroit Diesel/Allison (now Rolls-Royce Indianapolis) to develop a durable aluminum-ceramic turbine engine coating that could be cured below 400F, more than 200F lower than any coating available at the time. CFI’s R&D team met the need with Alseal 500, patented in 1978.  The development team continued to create several other aluminum-ceramic coatings that were ultimately adopted by virtually all major turbine manufactures. 

In the 1980s, CFI further lead the industry with the development of a sealer to extend the life of aluminum-ceramic coatings, and was granted a patent in 1986 for Alseal 598. So widely adopted for use on coated turbine engine components, that sealer is still in use today.

The technical team continues development of industry leading coatings, creating the first chrome-free (Cr-FREE) turbine coatings to promote worker safety and a cleaner environment. After a decade of development, Cr-FREE Alseal 5K was approved for use in flight engines by a major OEM, and was granted a patent in 2017.

More exciting products are in the works as CFI endeavors to meet customer needs in the field of inorganic coatings for use in extreme environments.

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