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Alseal 320 Urethane w/PTFE

A water-based polyurethane dispersion containing PTFE. Offers a high level of slip-and-release coupled with a room-temperature cure. Maximum service temperatures of 250°F (121°C).

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Alseal 370 Silicate DFL

A high-temperature coating composition containing a graphite/molybdenum disulfide blend in an inorganic binder. Air-dry coating protects mating parts from seizing and galling at temperatures up

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Alseal DB-3 Silicone/Ceramic

Two-component water-based silicone-ceramic topcoat for use over Alseal basecoats. Chemically passivates and physically seals sacrificial corrosion resistant aluminum-ceramic basecoats, at temperatures up to 700oF (371oC). 

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Siloxseal 385 Mid Temp Silicone

Silicone modified epoxy coating with enhanced thermal resistance capabilities. Excellent for protecting outdoor structural steel, pipes, and equipment from corrosion. Withstands operating temperatures of up

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