The ceramic binders used in Alseal coatings bond readily to ceramics and metals. Metallic aluminum is among the best conductors of both heat and electricity. CFI Alseal aluminum-ceramic coatings can be used to create highly conductive layers on less conductive or even non-conductive surfaces.     

To create electrically conductive pathways on a non-conductive surface, apply one of the coatings below, cure it, then either lightly blast it; alternatively, it may be annealed for 90 minutes at 1000oF (538oC) until the aluminum-ceramic becomes electrically conductive.  

Alseal coatings may also be silk-screened to create patterns on non-conductive surfaces.

Alseal 5K – Cr-FREE
Patented and proven effective; does not contain known carcinogens, HAPs or VOCs.

Alseal 518, Alseal 519 or Alseal 500
These products are aluminum-ceramic coatings are effective conductors; they contain chromium.