Patented Alseal 5K and related innovative non-hazardous Chrome-Free materials from CFI are beginning to replace coatings systems for hot components that have been in use for more than half a century. The older-style spray-and-bake coatings contain hexavalent chromium – a known carcinogen. While these products have set the performance standard in hot, corrosive environments like those in gas turbines and automotive exhausts, CFI offers a complete line of environmentally safe products that have become equally proven. In fact, Alseal 5K is OEM approved for flight turbines. 

Patented and proven as a sacrificial corrosion- and heat-resistant coating for flight and ground-based turbine engines, Alseal 5K is ideal for safely replacing equivalent aluminum-chromate/phosphate products. May be used by itself, or in a system with Alseal 5KTC.

Specifically formulated to work with Alseal 5K; safely replaces chromate/phosphate-based sealers.

SINGLE COAT DFL: Siloxseal 225 – Cr-FREE
Chrome-free alternative for anti-seize compounds needed to limit galling between contacting metal surfaces.