CFI U-Series™ and Alseal® conductive coatings are formulated to meet different electrical resistant values, depending on the application. Uses may include electrostatic dissipation, EMI shielding, electrical conductance.

Water-based one-component polyester urethane with conductive pigments for reduction of static charges or EMI shielding. The electrical resistance of the product can be tailored to meet end use requirements. Uses next generation conductive pigments which will not lose efficacy over time like traditional carbon pigments.

U-3060 ESD
Provides most of the same features of U-3013 in a very flexible water-based urethane binder for use on flexible substrates such as fabrics and textiles.

Alseal 5050 – Cr-FREE
A chromium-free aluminum-ceramic coating containing no known carcinogens, HAPs or VOCs. When post-treated, is very conductive, similarly to bare aluminum.

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