These Alseal®, Redilube® and Sunlube® speciality coatings well well for for mold and die-cutting applications. Those with PTFE release agent offer heat-resistant and nonstick properties, allowing molded and die-cut parts to release cleanly from the production equipment.

Alseal 320
A water-based polyurethane dispersion containing PTFE. Offers a high level of slip-and-release coupled with a room-temperature cure. Maximum service temperatures of 250°F (121°C).

Alseal 590
A two-component, high-temperature coating composition containing PTFE. Promotes release of hot or sticky parts and dirt for environments up to 550oF (288oC). Inorganic binder allows release of very difficult organic materials. Reduces friction while functioning as an anti-stick/anti-fouling sealer over Alseal 500, 518, and 519.

Redilube 225
Water-based one-component urethane modified phenolic with particulate PTFE for improved slip and release at temperatures up to 350°F (177°C) continuous, peaking to 500°F (260°C). Has excellent adhesion to most metals and improved flexibility over conventional phenolics.

Sunlube 320
Water-based single-component urethane incorporating a wax dispersion to improve slip and release properties. Economical alternative to PTFE coatings where chemical resistance and the ultimate in slip or release is not necessary.