In the oil and gas industry, Alseal coatings are used to resist fouling in compressors used in the production of polymers. Often, in these applications, the compressed gasses react prematurely, before reaching the reaction vessel. Alseal coatings ensure compressor components don’t get clogged with material.

Refineries, wells and chemical plants are some of the most difficult environments for steel structures and equipment. The combination of heat, chemicals, and weather can lead to widespread corrosion, which can lead to plant shutdowns for unscheduled repairs. This, along with the size and complexity of these facilities, virtually always make them expensive and cumbersome to paint.

CFI coatings are formulated to apply quickly and easily – in some cases with minimal surface prep. They are durable, helping protecting critical structures and equipment for decades, reducing the frequency of difficult, expensive re-coatings and repairs.